Knowledge articles and information in support of IT services related to University owned end-point devices, including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and related peripherals that are not in the printing service.

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Pinned Article Connecting to K-State wireless networks

K-State has four primary wireless networks to which students, faculty, and staff may connect: KSU Guest, KSU Wireless, KSU Housing. This article will discuss how to connect to KSU wireless and housing. The steps for guests are similar but without the login requirement.

Clearing a browser's cache

Steps for clearing the cache of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Configuring Remote Desktop client on your home PC

How to configure a remote desktop for the personal home computer.

Connect to eduroam wireless on the K-State Campus

Information about eduroam wireless on the K-State Campus.

Creating contact lists in Outlook Web App

Shows how to create and edit contact lists in webmail.

Deleting wireless passwords from Keychain (MacOS)

How to delete the Keychain password for a MacOS

Disabling Wireless Utilities

Some wireless applications and installation utilities require that the computer's wireless connection be managed by the Microsoft Windows Wireless Connection Manager.
However, many computers are pre-loaded with different wireless connection managers, usually supplied by the manufacturers of their wireless cards, which prevents the applications from installing or working correctly.

Finding your OneDrive for Business library URL

How to get the library URL for Business OneDrive account to sych to the desktop client.

Forget a wireless network connection

How to forget saved networks on wireless-connected devices.

Guidance on Cleaning and Sanitizing High Touch Electronics

Learn what to do and what to avoid while cleaning and sanitizing high touch electronics.

Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Suite using a named license

These instructions are valid for both the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Adobe Acrobat (Pro) DC only. After you receive your "Access Granted" email from Adobe, follow these steps to install the software.

Installing and connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN app on a Mac

Installing and Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN on a Mac.

Installing and connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN app on a Windows computer

How to install, connect to, and disconnect from the Global Protect VPN on a Windows machine.

Installing Office 365 Apps for Macs

How to Intsall Office 365 Apps for Macs.

Installing Office 365 Apps in Windows

Installing Office 365 from K-State webmail.

Mac: Uninstalling Programs

How to uninstall applications from a Mac device.

Manually Create a Wireless Connection (Mac)

To create a wireless profile for a Macintosh computer, you need to be in the Network Preferences window.

Moving email messages out of the Junk folder in the Outlook Web App

How to move emails out of the Junk folder in webmail.

Network: Connecting iPhone and Android to KSU Housing Wireless

Connecting iPhone and Android to KSU Wireless Networks.

Outlook Web App: Viewing a folder that has been shared to you

How to view a shared folder in Outlook Webmail.

Reformatting a Flash Drive in Windows

How to reformat a flash drive on a Windows device

Removing Programs and Services from Startup

Removing Programs and Services from Startup

Resetting PRAM on a Mac

How to reset a Mac device's PRAM.

Running IPconfig in Windows

How to run ipconfig on a windows machine.

Signing Out/Signing In to Office 365 on macOS

How to sign out of Office 365 on macOS then sign back in.

Starting WLAN AutoConfig in Windows

Start WLAN AutoConfig on a Windows computer

Turning off and on wireless

How to turn wireless on and off on a Windows 10 or MacOS device.

Uninstall Trend Micro OfficeScan for Mac OS X

Uninstalling Trend Micro OfficeScan for Mac OS X.

Uninstalling Programs on Windows

How to uninstall a program on a Windows 10 device.

Using a personal meeting ID in Zoom

Changing a Zoom account's Personal Meeting ID.

Windows: Accessing Device Manager

How to get to Device Manager on a Windows 10 device.

Windows: Changing an Account Password

How to change an account password on a Windows device.

Windows: Changing Screen Resolution

How to change the screen resolution on a Windows 10 device

Windows: Manually Connecting to a Wireless Network

How to manually connect to a wireless network on a Windows 10 device.

Windows: Uninstalling drivers in Windows

How to uninstall a driver on a Windows 10 device.