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Opening other mailboxes (shared, rooms, resources) through Outlook Web App.
How to configure room/resource scheduling within webmail.
How to customize the way the Outlook Web App looks and how messages are displayed by applying themes and editing the display settings.
Enable or disable forwarding in the Outlook Web App.
how to change themes in Outlook web app
How to create, move, rename, and delete folders.
How to create an email signature in the Outlook Web App.
Delegating access to a calendar.
Rescheduling events on the Outlook Web App that you have already created.
Restoring deleted items from Outlook Web App back to their default locations.
Subscribing to any public calendar on the internet through Outlook Web App.
How to view a shared folder in Outlook Webmail.
This article goes over some reasons on why somebody might not be receiving emails in the Outlook Web App.
How to request read and or delivery receipts in Outlook Webmail.