Viewing shared calendars in Outlook for Windows


Viewing Shared Calendars in Outlook(Win).



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Following are the steps to view a shared calendar in the Outlook App for Windows.

Enter Shared Calendar in the Textbox or Search with the Name button:

  1. On the Home tab, click Add Calendar dropdown.

    Image of the Manage Calendars
  2. Now left click Open Shared Calendar.

    Within the "Add Calendar" drop-down be sure to left click on "Open Shared Calendar"
  3. Enter Shared Calendar in the Textbox or Search with the Name button:
    • In the textbox to the right of the Name button, type the name of the person whose calendar you want to open and then click OK.
      You can type in the name of the share account in the textbox or search the shared accounts name further with the "Name" button. 

      3.B Searching with the Name button:

  • Click the Name button.

    Left click the textbox in the top left hand corner then type in the name of the in person who shared the calendar
  • Type the person's name, select their name from the window.
  • Then click OK and when the person name comes back underlined click OK again.

    Once you have the shared calendar you like to add to your calendar select the OK button.


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