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Resolving calendar sharing error in Microsoft 365
A delegate can see your calendar and, depending on the permissions given, can create and respond to meetings on your behalf.
Schedule a meeting room at the same time you invite attendees.
How to schedule meetings through Outlook Desktop through Windows.
Removing a meeting you scheduled will let the meeting attendees know the meeting is cancelled. You can only cancel meetings that you organized.
Delegating access to a calendar.
You can view other people's calendars once they have granted you access.
Create an invitation to send to those you want to attend a meeting.  Responses to your invitation (e.g. accept/decline) will appear in your Inbox.
This article contains the steps needed to follow in order to print a landscape-oriented calendar.
Creating calendars in Outlook for Mac.
Viewing Shared Calendars Outlook on Windows.
Devices that will need to be changed after resetting an eID password.