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How to set a delegate to read and send emails on your behalf in Outlook on a Windows device.
How to create contact groups in the desktop client through Windows.
Canceling meetings in Outlook.
How to install and sign into the Outlook app on an iPhone or iPad.
How to create a rule that filters all meeting-related messages to a specific folder for Outlook on the web.
How to send an encrypted email using webmail or the Outlook desktop client.
For users who do not wish to have their LinkedIn profile visible in their K-State Office 365 profile
Outlook may show as disconnected from the server after your eID password is changed. These steps will remove your old saved password and allow you to enter your new password into Outlook.
Defines email clients that are supported by the IT Service Desk and Information Technology Sources
To automatically open another person's mailbox in addition to your own each time you open Outlook
Create a Rule in the Outlook Web App for meeting requests.