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How to set a delegate to read and send emails on your behalf in Outlook for Windows.
How to create a new folder in Outlook for Windows.
Creating calendars in Outlook for Mac.
Meeting requests and responses can quickly clutter your inbox. Create rule(s) that filter all meeting-related messages to specific folder(s).
Canceling meetings in Outlook.
How to use categories to organize your mailbox.
How to set a signature in Outlook for Windows.
To automatically open another person's mailbox in addition to your own each time you open Outlook
Potential junk email is moved to the junk email folder automatically, and any potentially dangerous content (links, executable code, etc.) within the message is disabled.
Creating and sending emails on behalf of another person.
You can create an email signature that you can add automatically to all outgoing messages or add manually to specific ones.
How to respond to meeting requests for another person on Outlook Desktop in Windows.
Email encryption encodes the content of email messages, including attachments, to protect potentially sensitive information from being read by anyone other than the intended recipients. Email can be encrypted for both K-State and external recipients.
After you have been made a delegate by another user, you can reply to or forward their mail on their behalf
A delegate can see your calendar and, depending on the permissions given, can create and respond to meetings on your behalf.