Delegating access to send on behalf in Outlook for Windows


A delegate can see your inbox and can respond to and create messages on your behalf. 


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Outlook for Windows
  • Windows


  1. Open up Outlook then click the File tab > Info > Account Settings > Delegate Access.

  2. Click the Add... button.

  3. Type the name of the person you want to delegate access to and then click Go.
  4. In the list of name, select a name from the list, click the Add -> button and then click OK.

    Note: Click the Advanced Find link to search by eID (Alias).
  5. On the Inbox menu, select the level of delegation you want to give your delegate:
    • Editor - Can read, create, and modify items.
    • Author - Can read and create items.
    • Reviewer - Can read items

  6. Set the permissions you would like to give the delegate for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal (optional).
  7. Click the Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions option if desired.
  8. Click the Delegate can see my private items option if desired.
  9. Click OK.


  • To Send on Behalf all the delegate needs is Reviewer status.


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