Outlook room scheduling options and permissions


Configuring room/resource scheduling within the Outlook Web App.


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Outlook Web App


Only people with Full access (Owner) to the meeting room can perform this process.

  1. Sign in to K-State Webmail.
  2. Click your profile icon
  3. Click Open Another Mailbox...   
  4. Type the name of the room calendar.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Click the Settings button.

  7. Under Your App Settings, click Calendar.
  8. In the left navigation, click Resource Scheduling.

Click a category below for configuration options

Automatically process event invitations and cancellations

  • Enables/Disables all options within Resource Scheduling.
  • If unchecked, the meeting room owner will be required to manually process meeting requests/cancellations.

Turn Off Reminders

  • Enables/Disables event reminders within the calendar.
  • Setting only affects event reminders for the meeting room account, and does not prevent an organizer or attendees from receiving reminders.

Maximum Number of days in advance resources can be booked

  • Provides control of how far an event can be scheduled in advance with a default of 180 days, and a maximum of 1080 days.
  • If checked, requests will auto-decline if the end date is beyond the set limit.

Limit Event Duration

  • Provides control of the maximum amount of time a room can be scheduled within a single day.

Allow scheduling only during working hours

  • If checked, event schedule will be limited to the Calendar Work Week as set within the Calendar tab.
  • Events requested outside the Calendar Work Week will be auto-denied.

Allow repeating meetings

  • Provides control to allow/disallow recurring meetings over a set period of days/time.

Allow conflicts

  • If checked, this will allow conflicting meeting requests.
  • If the repeating meeting's setting is checked, the allow conflicts setting will only apply to recurring meetings.

If selecting specific people/groups below start by clicking Select one or more... after selecting Specific people and groups

These people can schedule automatically if the resource is available

  • The default setting of Everyone allows anyone to schedule a room without the manual approval of the owner.
  • If Specific people and groups are selected it will only allow users/groups specified to schedule automatically.

These users can submit a request for owner approval if the resource is available

  • If Everyone is selected all requests will require manual approval by the room owner.
  • If Specific people and groups are selected only specified users and groups will require manual approval by the room owner.

These people or groups can schedule automatically if the resource is available and can submit a request for owner approval if the resource is unavailable:

  • If Everyone is selected it will allow any request when the room is available, and allow a request to be submitted for the owner's manual approval if unavailable.
  • If Specific people and groups are selected those specified have the option to have their request manually approved, and other conflicting requests will be denied lacking the ability to request manual approval from the room owner.

Response Message - Add an additional message response to event invitations

  • If enabled, is used to provide custom responses to event invitations.
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