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To receive population data for K-State students, faculty, or staff, you can request the Division of Information Technology (IT) assist with the creation of a contact list of specific email addresses. This requires IRB and the appropriate K-State data steward approvals. 

  1. You must first receive Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Include the IRB approval number and attach a copy of your application information.
  2. After you have received IRB approval, specific population data must be requested from the Office of the Registrar, Faculty Senate, and/or Human Capital Services (HCS). These units need to first approve and create the appropriate file of requested population data.
    • For student population data requests, see the Guidelines for Student Data usage webpage or contact the Office of the Registrar at Attach your letter of approval to the IT request form.
    • For faculty population data, contact the Faculty Senate President ( for approval. Attach your letter of approval to the IT Request form.
    • For staff population data, contact Human Capital Services
      • K-State HCS will not provide sample populations of faculty/staff, only full population data.
      • Attach your letter of approval to the IT request form.
  3. Once the approvals are obtained, complete the Qualtrics survey population request form. IT will then work with the Office of the Registrar and/or HCS to get the requested data and use it to update the contact list in your Qualtrics account with the specific populations requested. You will not directly handle the data other than with the Qualtrics contact list(s).
  4. After your contact list is populated, you will be able to finalize your survey. 

Before submitting the form, complete the following:

  1. Create and finalize your project (survey)
  2. Create a Contact List in Qualtrics with an exact name for the data set that IT will add.
  3. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions, including IRB. For more information, visit

Allow two weeks for processing time. Only K-State faculty and staff (non-student employees) can submit this form.

If the population sample request exceeds 25,000 (emails, thank yous, and reminders), the brand administrator must request from Qualtrics an increase in the number of allowed surveys for that specific user for a designated period. To request an increase of allowed surveys on your account, provide the following on the Request Polling and Survey Service form:

  • Title of the survey (and survey ID or anonymous link)
  • User ID for the Qualtrics account (must be the owner of the survey)
  • Purpose of the survey
  • Time frame for the survey (start and end date)

Once this is approved, Qualtrics will increase the limit for that specific user and notify the brand administrator that this has been completed.


Large campus wide surveys should be coordinated with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. Also, it is helpful to inform the IT Service Desk in advance of the survey release. Often the Service Desk receives calls asking if a survey is legitimate. 

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