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Installing JMP with CatFiles.


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To install JMP, ensure you have first connected to the CatFiles apps drive. Instructions on how to do so are found in your JMP email from the JMP admin, but you can also refer to the following knowledge base articles:

The CatFiles apps drives address is \\catfiles.users.campus\apps$

Note: When connecting to CatFiles, you must enter your eID as "users\eID". For example, if your eID was "williewildcat", you would sign on using "users\williewildcat"

If connecting to CatFiles from an off-campus location, you will also need to connect using the VPN. 

Once connected to the CatFiles apps drive, open the "StatisticsSoftware" folder and the "JMP" folder within it

Locate the version of JMP you wish to install, and copy the folder to a local file on your computer, such as your desktop or document folder. JMP will not install correctly directly from the network drive. 

When the folder is copied to your computer, open the installer file that suits your system. The installer file may be within several folders. Start by going to the folder named "JMP", and clicking through each successive folder until you come to a folder called either "Windows" or "Mac". Within that folder will be the setup application for your respective system. Open that file to complete the installation process. 

For further installation instructions, refer to the following knowledge base articles: 

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