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Students can run a DARS report in KSIS to determine which classes they need to take to attain their degree.
How to grant a student permission to enroll in a class.
Viewing a student's finals schedule for a semester.
How students can view their financial aid details.
Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the UGE flag.
Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the advisor flag.
How to drop a class in KSIS. To successfully drop a class, the last date to drop classes for the term must not have passed.
How to view the refund and drop dates for classes in KSIS if the student is enrolled in the course.
Provide steps for students to add a new name or updating an existing name for their Degree
How a student can view their academic history in KSIS.
How students view and notify their advisor in KSIS
Students who are a veteran or part of the United States Military can add their affiliation information if it is not already part of their KSIS record. Use these to add your military affiliation or dependent status in KSIS.
Faculty and Staff can Enter and Approve Final Grades in KSIS
How to search for classes in KSIS
How a student can waitlist themself for a class in KSIS