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How students apply for graduation in KSIS.
How a student can edit an addresses saved in KSIS.
Details how a designee can create and register an eID
Students can Order AthleticTickets in KSIS
Domestic Student can enter their ITIN or SSN in KSIS.
Advisor's can view advisee's academic history in original advisor center.
Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the advisor flag.
Current students can order urgent processing (UP) paper transcripts in KSIS for postal delivery.
Current Students can order Urgent Processing (UP) Paper Transcripts from FedEx Delivery in KSIS.
Revoking designee access on KSIS.
Students can find textbook information in K-State Course Schedule.
This provides basic information how how to set up a designee in KSIS.
How to edit designee information or access in KSIS.
How students can approve the release of educational records to a third party.