Original Advisor Center: Remove the Advisor Flag


Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the advisor flag.


  • Advisors


  • KSIS


  1. Login to KSIS with your K-State eID and password at https://ksis.k-state.edu.
  2. Click the KSU Advisor Center tile.

  3. Click the KSU Advisor Center tab.

  4. To remove the advisor flag for a student, click the red A next to the desired student's name.

  5. If there is only one hold on the account the red A will disappear.

    • If there is more than one hold for a student, a list of all the service indicators for that student will be provided.
    • It is possible to have more than one Advisor Flag. Make sure to remove only the one for the current term.
  6. Click the Cancel button to return to the Advisor Center after removing the Advisor flag.
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