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Advisor's can view advisee's academic history in original advisor center.
Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the advisor flag.
This article shows how advisors can log into SSC-Navigate,
Accessing the KSU Advisor Center in KSIS
Advisors, faculty, and administrative staff can view student photos through KSIS.
This article will show you the steps to take to run an audit under another program. This is also referred to as running a "what-if" audit.
Advisors can access the EAB SSC Advisor Platform from the Advisor Center.
Users needing to access the uAchieve Self Service tool to run a degree audit can access it in many different ways.
This article provides directions for Advisors on how to create Filters to organize their advisees.
Advisors using the original advisor center can remove the UGE flag.
How students view and notify their advisor in KSIS
Advisors can use the original advisor center to view an advisee's transfer credit report.
Advisors can run and view a DARS audit for a non-Advisee through the Original Advisor Center.
This article provides steps for Advisors to view and print a photo roster.
This article shows how Advisors can easliy email a list of advisees to others.