Assigning an Advisor to a Student in KSIS


Assigning an Advisor to a Student in KSIS.


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Staff members regularly need to assign an advisor to students for their program/plan. This is done in KSIS using the steps below. 

To assign an Advisor. 

  1. Log in to KSIS with your eID and password.
  2. From your Homepage, navigate to: NavBar > Menu > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor.

    Note: In the Student Advisor area, clicking the Actions List button (three dots on the purple bar) allows you to add the Student Advisor tile to your homepage.

    Picture of the path in KSIS to the Student Advisor area     

    Note: Use the Action button (three dots on the purple bar) to add the Student Advisor tile to your Homepage.
  3. Enter the student KSIS ID, WID (Campus ID), or Last Name/First Name, and click Search
  4. Click the desired student if you get more than one record returned.
  5. Verify you have the correct student record. 
  6. Below the Student Details area, on the right, click the plus (+) button to start a new record.  At this time, there are two situations in which an Advisor is added:
    • Replace an existing advisor in the same program/plan. 
    • Add a new advisor for a student starting a new program/plan.
  7. Enter the Academic Institution as KSUNV.
  8. Enter the Effective Date as the first day of the term in which the record should be effective.   

    Note: If the advisor is supposed to be assigned for Spring 2018, the Effective Date should be 01/01/2018.

    Click the plus sign, Enter KSUNV and Effective date

Add/Change Advisor in Existing Program/Plan

  1. Complete steps 3-8 above.
  2. Click the magnifying glass next to the Academic Advisor field.
  3. Search for the desired Advisor.
  4. Click Select for the desired Advisor.
  5. Click Save to save the new Advisor record.

Add Advisor in new Program/Plan

  1. Complete steps 3-8 above.
  2. Below the second blue bar, click the (+) button to add a new Advisor.      
  3. Click the magnifying glass at the right of each field to select or enter the information.  This should include:
    • Advisor Role
    • Academic Career
    • Academic Program
    • Academic Plan 

      Emter Student Information for Career, Program, Plan and Advisor

      Note: These areas display only information related to the student’s current program/plan.
      • If the program/plan has been assigned, you can easily select it by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting the available option. 
      • If the new program/plan is not available, the student needs to contact the Dean's Office and the Registrar's office to process the new program/plan.

        Reasons a new Program/Plan may not appear include:
      • You could be adding information on the wrong row.
      • The Plan is inactive.
      • The Plan has a future Effective date.
  4. Click the magnifying glass to search for the desired Advisor. 
  5. Select for the desired Advisor.
  6. Click Save to save the new Advisor record. 


If you cannot find the desired Advisor in your Advisor search area, check with office staff if the Advisor has the major's Academic Org assigned to their Instructor/Advisor table in KSIS.


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