Maintaining Schedule of Classes in KSIS - Basic Data tab


The Basic Data tab summarizes class information such as:

  • Class Sections - details about Section, Component, Location, Class Type, Start/End Dates, etc...
  • Class Topic - if it is a Topics class the options are provided
  • Class Attributes - where and how class sections are taught


  • Faculty
  • Staff


Staff members maintain their department class schedules in KSIS each semester. The information below applies to the Basic Data tab of a course. 

Information that can be updated on the Basic Data tab includes but is not limited to:

  • Add a new section
  • Change the start/end dates
  • Change/update class attributes

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  1. Log in to KSIS with your K-State eID and password.
  2. In KSIS, navigate to one of the following locations using the NavBar and Menu path provided below:

    Navbar > Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes
    Navbar > Menu > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule New Course

    Note:  The functionality of the pages in the Maintain Schedule of Classes component is identical to Schedule New Course, but the view of classes offered to you is limited to scheduled classes only. If you need to add a class section for a course that is not already offered for a term, use the Schedule New Course component.

    Picture of the KSIS Navigation to access the Maintain Schedule of Classes area
  3. Enter the desired course information in the fields of the Maintain Schedule of Classes area.

    Picture of the Schedule New Course - Find an Existing Value area
  4. Click Search to find the desired class.
  5. Update the fields as needed on the Basic Data tab. When finished updating the section information, continue to the Meetings tab or Enrollment Cntrl to update additional items.

    Picture of the Basic Data tab fields


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