Maintain Schedule of Classes - Enrollment Cntrl


The Enrollment Cntrl tab allows you the manage the enrollment parameters for a class section.  On this tab you can:

  • View or update the Class Status.
  • View or update Consent options.
  • View or update Auto Enroll options.
  • Update or change Requested Room Capacity, Enrollment Capacity, and Wait List Capacity.


  • Staff


  • KSIS


  1. Before navigating to the Enrollment Cntrl tab, review:

    Maintain Schedule of Classes - Basic Data
    Maintain Schedule of Classes Meetings tab
  2. Click the Enrollment Cntrl tab. Update the following items as desired:
    • Class Status - Active, Cancelled Section, Stop Further Enrollment, Tentative Section.
    • Add Consent - No Special Consent Required, Instructor Consent Required, Department Consent Required.
    • Auto Enroll Sections - Related components of a class such as a lab or quiz that automatically are added to enrollment.
    • Capacities - Sets how large a room, how many students can enroll and creates a wait list.

      Picture of the Enrollment Control area with primary options highlighted
  3. Use the navigation to see cycle through the class sections to find the correct one.

    Note: Be careful about which section of the class is being edited/updated. The sections appear in alpha-numeric order based on the Class Section indicated on the Basic Data page, not in order of creation.  
  4. For each section of the class, check and update each field on the page as desired.  It is not necessary to change or use each field available. 
  5. Click Save.
Field Name R/O Description
Class Status R

Indicates the status of the Class in terms of ready for enrollment, or other functionality.  Possible values are:

  • Active (default)
  • Canceled
  • Stop Further Enrollment
  • Tentative.

Note Do not set to "Cancelled" during scheduling.  If the section is not being offered for the term, delete it from the class schedule.                                       

Add Consent R

Indicates whether and what type of Consent is required before a student can enroll in a Class. Possible values are:

  • Dept Cnsnt (Departmental Consent – Dean)
  • Inst Cnsnt (Instructor Consent),
  • No Consent (no consent is required for enrollment)                                                       
Drop Consent  


1st Auto Enroll Section O

If a class contains multiple components, you can have additional "Non-enrollment" components enrolled automatically when the "Enrollment" component is selected by the student during enrollment.  Enter the Section code to be auto-enrolled here.

Example: 01Q

For more information go to Associated Class Help.                                                 

2nd Auto Enroll Section

Similar to 1st Auto Enroll Section above.  Enter the Section code for the second auto-enrolled component here, if needed.

Example: 01R                                                       

Resection to Section  


Enter the alternative section in which the system automatically enrolls a student if the primary section is full.

Enrollment Status  

 Display only field.  Possible values are:

  • Open
  • Closed
Requested Room Capacity R

This is the maximum capacity of the class.  It indicates the need for a room capable of accommodating the specified number of students.


  • If a classroom is already assigned, this value must be LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO the "Capacity" displayed for the Facility Id on the Meetings tab.
  • If a classroom is not yet assigned, set this to the maximum expected enrollment allowed for this class.
  • In most classes, this value should EQUAL "Enrollment Capacity". 
Enrollment Capacity R

The maximum number of students can be enrolled for a particular class section.

Example: 10

IMPORTANT:  Set to the maximum expected enrollment allowed for this class.  

  • For most classes, this should EQUAL "Requested Room Capacity".  This value may also be LESS THAN the "Requested Capacity".  
  • If a classroom is already assigned, this value must be LESS THAN OR EQUAL to the "Capacity" displayed for the Facility Id on the Meetings tab.                                   
Wait List Capacity R

The maximum number of students can be wait listed for a particular class section.

Example: 99      

99 is the suggested default value.  Other values may be entered if desired.                                                  

Minimum Enrollment Nbr

The minimum number of students is expected to be enrolled for the class to continue to be offered. There is no real functionality behind this value. It can be used for reporting purposes in future updates.

Example: (left blank)       

In most cases, leave this field blank.  DCE populates this for some of their class sections.                                                  


Display only field.

For "Enrollment Capacity" and "Wait List Capacity" the actual number of students enrolled and on the waitlist is displayed. 

Auto Enroll From Waitlist

Includes this class section in the Wait list process that automatically enrolls students from the wait list into a class section when a seat becomes available.

Example: Checkmark    

Possible values are:

  • Checked box SELECT to auto-enroll students from the wait list (default).
  • Unchecked boxDo NOT select if the wait list will not be used for this class section.


Cancel if Student Enrolled

Permits the section to be canceled even if there are students currently enrolled.

Do NOT check unless you need to cancel the class section. 




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