Downloading Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for State Extension Employees


K-State provides Adobe Creative Cloud to all state-employed extension staff upon employment. Users can download the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite or individual Adobe apps, including Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Extension employees paid by the county must submit an Adobe order form to request an Adobe Creative Cloud Suite license upon employment and again every July if they want to renew the license. Employees will not be billed. Once the Adobe order form has been submitted, processing may take two to three business days. Installation can occur after receipt of the "Access Granted" email from Adobe.


  • State-employed extension staff
  • County-employed extension staff


  • Adobe


  1. Go to
  2. Select Download Creative Cloud.

    Note: You are asked to sign in with your account during the download. You will be redirected to K-State's Single Sign-On.  Allow the CC Desktop App to install the app and the updates. Keep in mind you must use If you try to sign in with, you will be unable to sign in.
  3. In the Creative Cloud application, click All Apps and then click Install for desired Adobe applications.

If you need assistance installing the Adobe Creative Cloud application, contact your department IT support or system administrator staff.

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