Determining if a device installed properly in Windows 10


To determine if a Driver is properly installed on a Windows 10 device, follow the instructions below.


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  • Windows 10


  1. On the keyboard, click the windows logo key and type device manager and then click on Device Manager.

  2. A list of hardware attached to the computer will be displayed. Click on the arrow next to a piece of hardware to show the drivers that it uses.
  3. If there is a yellow triangle with and exclamation mark, then that means the driver has an error or needs to be repaired. 

  4. If there is a Red X next to the driver name that means there is a critical error meaning that it is either disconnected or is not functioning properly.

  5. From there you will need to either right click the driver and click repair or do a complete reinstall of that driver.
    • To uninstall a driver, Right click on the driver in question, and click Uninstall. When you restart the device the driver will automatically reinstall.
    • To repair a driver, Right click the driver in question and click Update driver. Also you can click Scan for hardware changes in the same list to see if there have been any changes to the software.

  6. You can also repair the driver by finding the most current version online. Be sure to always get the current driver from the manufactures website as other websites might be hiding malware or viruses within the download that could harm the computer further.
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