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Why won't my File Upload Assignment finish submitting in Canvas?
Visual Aid for how to walk through the Immediate Access Opt-out Process
How to remove a navigation item from a Canvas course.
When a student receives an I or Incomplete as their grade in KSIS, an automated process starts to give those students an additional semester’s access to the Canvas course in which they are received the incomplete to continue working on the course. Instructors do not have to do anything other then set the Incomplete in KSIS. Students who receive no grade or any other letter grade do not fall within this process.
Instructions for how to access Immediate Access Materials via K-State e-mail; BryteWave website or CANVAS and how to troubleshoot issues with access to the site.
Assign attendance with the K-State Attendance app in Canvas
Canvas: Embedding a Mediasite Video into a module.
In Canvas, credit courses are automatically created, via KSIS, at the section level. So you will have one Canvas course for each section in KSIS.  In the Canvas interface and documentation this is called Cross-listing. At K-State and in KSIS, this is called Merging.
The Canvas Mobile App is another way students can view Canvas quickly and easily and can be downloaded to an Android device.
Canvas: Exclude an assignment from final course grade.
How to add the Teval item to a Canvas course.
Muting an assignment in the New Gradebook in Canvas.