Processing Scantrons with different question sets in Canvas


How to process Scantron assignments with different question sets in Canvas.


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Different question sets for the same Scantron assignment are used when Version 1 and Version 2 of the assignment has different questions. Use the steps below to process the different versions.

  1. Create the discrete question sets you want to use for the Scantron in the Quiz tool in Canvas. Each discrete question set will be its individual quiz.
  2. Open the Scantron app in K-State Canvas. If you have not added the Scantron app in K-State Canvas, view the Adding the Scanton app to Canvas article for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Click + Create New Scantron.

  4. Select the number of Versions and select Versions have separate question sets.

  5. Select the individual Quiz to be used with each version in Scantron, then click on Submit.

  6. Check that the correct questions and answers are displayed for each version and click Save.
  7. next to the desired quiz, click Update .

  8. Click Browse and choose the Scantron file you wish to grade and click Submit.
  9. Match the unmatched Scantron cards with the corresponding students using the drop-down menu to the right.
  10. Click Confirm matches.

  11. The Final Review page displays a list of unmatched students (if any). Click Push Responses to Canvas to sync the Scantron results.
  12. A Canvas message from LTI admin Service is displayed when the process is complete.
  13. Unmute the assignment in Grades to publish results to students. For instructions on how to unmute an assignment, view the Mute and Unmute an Assignment article.

Note: Quizzes with separate question sets cannot be combined. Canvas displays one quiz per version in your Gradebook. Students see only the version they are taking. They are displayed as indicated in the image below.

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