Assign attendance with the K-State Attendance app in Canvas


Assigning attendance with the K-State Attendance app in Canvas.


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Follow these instructions to assign attendance using the K-State Attendance app. You must have the Teacher or TA role assignment to assign attendance. To enable the K-State Attendance app, follow these instructions.

  1. When you open the K-State Attendance app, you will default to the Class Roster tab.

  2. Select the desired section to record attendance from the Section menu.

  3. Use the calendar icon to change the date for past or future dates.

    Note: The Day of Attendance defaults to today's date.

  4. Enrolled student's names appear in the Name column.
  5. Under Status, select the appropriate attendance. Student attendance can be changed from Present to Tardy or Absent in the Status menu.

    Note: Each student's attendance is set to Present by default until changes are made.

  6. In Notes, you can make individual comments.

    Note: If you enable Show Notes entered on Class Roster page to students under Setup tab, students can read your comments.
  7. Click Save Attendance after recording student status.

  8. Click Delete Attendance to delete the attendance for the selected day.

    Note: Once attendance for a selected day is deleted, the attendance cannot be restored. You must manually add the attendance back.

  9. If a student is missing from the Attendance Roster, you need to synchronize the roster with Canvas.
    1. Select the Setup tab from the top navigation.

    2. Click Synchronize with Canvas.

    3. Click Class Roster.

    4. Find the student in the roster and assign attendance.
    5. If the student is still missing from the roster, contact the IT Service Desk.
  10. The Attendance Summary displays the running totals of attendance for each student.
    1. Select Attendance Summary.

    2. Select the desired section to view.

    3. You can choose Print Report or Export to CSV if you want to download the attendance report.

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