Connecting to K-State wireless networks


K-State has four primary wireless networks to which students, faculty, and staff may connect.

  • KSU Guest: Campus visitors can use the KSU Guest network, which has NO security and does not require an eID/password.
  • KSU Housing: For users living in on-campus housing, such as in the residence halls or Jardine.
  • KSU Wireless: For K-State students, faculty, and staff who are not living in on-campus housing. 
  • eduroam:  A secure international roaming service that allows users access to a wireless network at any other eduroam-enabled institution using their credentials from their home institution


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests


K-State wireless networks


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If you've recently changed the password associated with your eID and you are having trouble connecting to K-State wireless networks you may need to forget the network first.

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