Prevent Windows 10 from connecting to KSU Guest


When connecting to a K-State wireless network, you may find other networks, including KSU Guest.  Students living in the residence halls and Jardine should connect to KSU Housing.  All other students and K-State employees should relate to the KSU Wireless network.

Windows 10 has a feature that automatically connects to open networks such as KSU Guest.  This may obstruct students from using other K-State networks.


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests


  • Windows 10


  1. Click the Wireless Icon in the taskbar.

  2.  Click on KSU Guest Wifi.

  3.  Make sure that the Connect Automatically check mark is not limited.

Note: If your computer is still connecting to KSU Guest after you have turned off Connect Automatically, you will need to forget the network.  Find instructions on how to forget a wireless network here:


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