Switching Adobe accounts in Creative Cloud Desktop App


Switching Adobe Accounts in Creative Cloud Desktop App


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This article is a visual instruction for switching Adobe accounts within the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. 

Note: Named licenses are switching to enterprise accounts effective August 1, 2020. You will have received a notice via email of the change if you have renewed your subscription and have not received an email; email itsbusiness@ksu.edu to check the request status.

1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. 

Note: If the app is not installed, it can be downloaded here. After installation, move to step 3.

2. Click the blue pie circle in the top right (shown below) and then click sign out. 

Note: The blue pie circle might be a different profile picture if one has been set. 


3. In the Email address box, type your @k-state.edu email and click Continue. 

4. Enter your credentials on the K-State single sign-on page and click sign in.

Note: If the single sign-on page does not appear, double-check that @k-state.edu was used for your email. 

5. Your eID@k-state.edu is now used for authenticating your Adobe software. 

Please respond to the email with the instructions if you run into any issues or contact your IT department.



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