Running IPconfig in Windows


Computer users can Run IPconfig to find out what their current network configuration is.  Follow the directions below to run IPconfig.


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  1. Type cmd in the Windows Search and select Command Prompt from the results.

  2. Type ipconfig /all in the command prompt and then press Enter.

    Note: This provides all network connection information for the computer.

  3. The results of IPConfig include:

    Physical Address This is the Mac address for the specified network connection.  A computer can have more than one physical address if it has both Ethernet and wireless connections.
    Host Name The name of the computer on the network.
    IPv4 Address The IP address being used by the network connection.
    Subnet Mask

    The specific section of the network to which a computer is connected.

    Default Gateway The router or switch that the network connection goes through.
    DHCP Server The server that hands out IP addresses based on a DHCP protocol.
    DNS Servers Domain name servers for your network - these servers translate URLs to an IP address.
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