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ETDR Resources for Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Reports

ETDR Resources for Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Reports

Hale Library: Database Access for Summer

This article goes over who has access to the Library database in the Summer and how those without access can gain access.

How To Fix Common ETDR Word Problems

How To Fix Common ETDR Word Problems.

Including Alternative Text to Digital Imagery

Including Alternative Text to Digital Imagery.

New Teval: Creating a new Teval

Instructors can create new Tevals using the new Teval app.

New Teval: Editing a Teval

Editing teval on the new Teval App.

Online Teval: Add Custom Questions in Teval

Adding custom questions on Teval.

Online Teval: Adding the Teval app to K-State Canvas

Instructors can add the Teval app to their Canvas page.

Online Teval: Copy Custom Questions

Adding custom questions to a Teval from an already existing question from other evaluations.

Online Teval: Core Questions and Distance Core Questions

There are two sets of questions in Teval, Core and Distance Questions.

Online Teval: Create Evaluation

Creating evaluations in Teval.

Online Teval: Distribute Evaluation

Distributing evaluations through Teval.

Online Teval: Faculty Information Form (FIF)

Faculty Information Form (FIF) after Teval being created.

Online Teval: Send Reminder Messages to Students

Sending reminder messages to students through Teval.

Online Teval: View Evaluation Results

An article on how staff can view evaluation results for teval.

Teval Evaluation List

Online Teval application for evaluation list.

Viewing Past and Future Appointments for Tutors in SSC-Navigate

Viewing Past and Future Appointments in SSC-Navigate, for Tutors.

Zoom Chrome Scheduler Upgrade

Zoom released a new update for the Chrome plugin. It is version 15.12.9, and you will need to manually update to it. The Zoom Scheduler extension, a Chrome plug-in, allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Google Calendar. Using the extension, you can start an instant meeting or schedule a future one. Update initiated on 11/26/2022.