DARS/uAchieve: Running a What-if audit under Select a Different Program


This procedure walks you through the steps of generating a what-if audit in DARS/uAchieve self-service.



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  • DARS/uAchieve self-service 



  1. From the request an audit screen, click the Select a Different Program header.

  2. Select a college. This will allow you to see programs specific to the college of your choice.

    NOTE: Selecting the empty area (directly above Agriculture) in the college drop down will allow you to see a comprehensive list of all available degree programs. Be aware this list is VERY long.
    NOTE: Select the Other option from the college drop down to access the ADM-TRANS (transfer analysis evaluation) program audit and other non-college specific program audits.
  3. Next, select the type of degree you would like to see for your college of choice. This list is fluid and will display different options based on the college of choice.

  4. Next, select a program of study. Be aware that currently programs display twice. Once in the old format, Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies - - ED-48-BSES and once in the new format, Educational Studies (BS) - - ED-BS-BSES. The Office of the Registrar is working to cleanup degree program codes so they are easier to understand. This involves changing the two digit degree code to an alpha code. In the mentioned example "48" was updated to "BS" for the new curriculum starting in Fall 2024. This is a visual represents how this displays in self-service.

  5. Lastly, select the catalog year you want to run your program for. Be aware that all older codes (containing a two digit numerical degree code) can be run for Summer 2024 and prior. Most all new codes (containing a two digit alpha degree code) can be run for Fall 2024 and forward. There are a few programs from the last couple years that have adopted the "new" code format and can be run for catalog years prior to Fall 2024. You will see the available years in the drop down.

    NOTE: Overtime, the older codes will be brought into alignment with the "new" code structure. This will further simplify and reduce the program list and will allow a fully comprehensive catalog year drop down selection.
  6. When ready, click Run Program to run the what-if audit.


Be aware that work continues to make this tool as user friendly as possible. In the upcoming year, the Registrar's office will be updating nearly 5,000+ data rows to bring degree codes and titles into alignment to simply your drop down selections.

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