Copying Final Grades from Canvas to KSIS


Faculty and Staff can copy Final Grades from Canvas to KSIS.


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Faculty and staff can use the steps below to copy final grades from Canvas to KSIS for final approval and submission of grades.

  1. Go to,.
  2. Click Courses.
  3. Select the desired course.
  4. Enable a course Grading Scheme to publish letter grades. In the course, take these steps:
    1. Click Settings.
    2. Click Course Details.
    3. Make sure Enable course grading scheme is checked. If it is not checked, review enable a Grading Scheme for your course for appropriate steps to enable it.

      Note: This is an important step that you must not skip.

      Picture of the Course Details page in a selected course
  5. If you enable the Grading Scheme, click Update Course Details to save the changes.

    Picture of the Update Course Details Button
  6. Click Grades on the left to verify student grades are correct before copying them to KSIS.

    Picture of the Grades option selected on the left menu
  7. Select Copy Grades to KSIS on the left to begin the process.

    Picture of the Copy Grades to KSIS option on the left menu

    Note: After clicking Copy Grades to KSIS, you are prevented from continuing if:
    • The course you are in was created manually and not created via KSIS.
    • The current user is does not have a role that allows them to copy grades to KSIS for that class.
    • The section of the course is not the graded (enrollment) section in KSIS.
    • The KSIS grade roster is not ‘open’ at that time to receive the copied grades.

      Picture of the No Sections Available for Copying error message
  8. Select the section to copy to KSIS. Click Continue.

    Picture of the Select Course Section area with a course selected and Continue highlighted
  9. If you have already checked your grading scheme in Step #2, click Continue.

    If you skipped Step #2 above, you need to click Check Scheme to check your grading scheme.

    Note: Once you have finished checking your grading scheme, go to Step #5 to continue. If you wish to use a Credit/No Credit grading scheme, please set the name of each range to CR (for Credit) and NC (for No Credit). 

    Picture of the Check your grading scheme message with the Check Scheme button highlighted
  10. The Unmatched Students screen displays discrepancies between the Canvasr and the KSIS rosters. Click Continue to proceed after noting the unmatched students.

    If desired, print this screen for reconciling grades later. (See Reconcile KSIS Class Roster with other Class Rosters)

    Picture of the Unmatched students area
    • The 'Dashes treated as excused' column represents the final grade if you treat ungraded items (represented by -) in the gradebook as excused for the students upon submission to KSIS. This might artificially raise the student's grade if you leave items ungraded where a 0 is intended.
    • The 'Dashes treated as 0' column represents the final grade if you treat ungraded items (represented by -) as a 0 (zero) for the students upon submission to KSIS. The For letter grades will be the same for most because you have given zeros (0) or excused (EX) any ungraded dashes in your gradebook. But if you have forgotten something or left dashes in the grades, this will help you identify it.
    • The 'Canvas Override' column represents the override grade you have entered in the course gradebook after enabling Final Grade Override. To use them, check the Use final override grade when available box.
    • The 'Current Grade' column represents any grade already copied to KSIS so you can confirm if you are overwriting something. This column will read N/A for most as no grades have been copied yet. On the Confirm Grades for KSIS screen, select the specific grades to copy to KSIS and click Continue. You may print this screen for your records with the Print button in the upper right of the page. There are three columns:
  11. Review the grades and click Copy to KSIS to transfer the grades.

    Note: You may print this screen for your records with the Print button in the upper right of the page.

    A picture of the Review page with grades available and Copy to KSIS highlighted

  12. Copying Grades to KSIS is displayed as grades are sent.

    Picture of the Copying Grades to KSIS message
  13. A Success screen directs you to go to KSIS to approve the copied grades. Grades are not submitted to the Registrar’s Office until they are approved. See Enter and Approve Final Grades for more information.

    A picture of the Copying grades to KSIS message with Go to KSIS highlighted
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