Running and viewing a DARS Audit in KSIS


Students can run a DARS report in KSIS to determine which classes they need to take to attain their degree. 


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  • Advisors


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Before running a DARS audit, disable pop up blockers in your browser. For information on how to disable pop up blockers, visit the Disable web browser popup blockers webpage.

Running a DARS report

  1. Sign in to KSIS with your eID and password. 
  2. Click the Student Center button.
  3. In the Academics section, click Degree Audit (DARS).

    Click Degree Audit (DARS)
  4. Select the desired Academic Plan.
  5. Click Run Audit.

    Note: To see what classes are necessary for a different major, run a Explore New Program: DARS audit by clicking Explore New Program under Run New Audit.
  6. Click OK on the message.

     Click OK
  7. If the Status of the audit does NOT say Completed, click Refresh until it does. This may take a few minutes. 
  8. When the Status changes to COMPLETED, click the View Audit button. 

    View when status is completed
  9. The audit opens in a web page. 
  10. Maximize the window to view the audit in a full screen.


System generated audits are available for all currently enrolled students and should never be more than one week old. System generated audits will have 'System’ in the ‘Run By' field of the audit results.


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