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How students search for classes in KSIS to prepare for enrollment each semester.


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Searching for Classes in KSIS

  1. Sign in to your KSIS Student Center with your eID and password. 
  2. Click Student Center.
  3. In the upper left, click Enroll.

    Click the Enroll link in the upper left of the page

  4. Click Search For Classes.
  5. Select your Institution and make sure you have selected the desired Term in which you want to search for classes.

    Picture of the Search for classes area with Institution and Term filled out

  Search Options

   You must have at least two (2) Search Criteria below selected in order to search.

   Method 1: Enter Course Subject and Course Number (i.e., COMM 106)

  1. In the Course Number list, select if you want to match the course number exactly or select from the other search criteria.
  2. In the Course Number box, type a course number.
  3. In the Subject box, type a subject acronym.
  4. If you want to see ALL Course Offerings (Open or Closed/FULL) uncheck the Show Open Classes Only box.

    Picture of the Class Search area with Subject and Course number entered
  5. Click the Search button.

    Picture of the Search for Classes area with Search highlighted
  6. If applicable, you will see the results as shown below:

    A picture of Class Search Results with a section highlighted
  7. To see additional course/sections details, click the course information under the section link.
    • You will see the following view for that specific section.
    • If you are looking for a Global Campus/K-State Online course, look for sections that start with the letters "ZA, ZB, etc..."

      Picture of a Class Detail page
  8. To go back to the previous list, click View Search Results.

    Picture of the View Search Results button
  9. If this is the course you want, click Select Class to add the course section to your course Shopping Cart.

   Method 2: Additional Search Criteria

  1. On the Search for Classes page, click the Additional Search Criteria drop-down under the Class Search.

    Picture of the Additional Search Criteria area

    This area allows for various advanced search options that will assist with narrowing down your search criteria. 
  2. Enter any of the following search criteria:
    • Meeting Start Time
    • Meeting End Time

      The time for either the Start or End times is in a 12-hour system with AM or PM designations at the end (i.e., 10:00AM).

      Note: The drop down boxes provide options such as:
      • Greater than or equal to
      • Between
      • Is exactly
      • Less than or equal to
      • and more
    • Days of the week - Select the Days of Week filter and then select the desired day(s).
    • Instructor Last Name - you can use this to find specific courses a particular instructor teaches and if they are teaching for the semester.
    • Class Nbr (CRN - class reference number) - 5-digit reference number used as unique identifiers for class sections each term. The reference numbers are found on the schedule of classes and are used in enrollment/registration transactions.
    • Course Keyword -  any word in the course title,
    • Course Component - type of course (lab, lecture, etc.). Visit the Course Component Type Definitions webpage for a list of course component definitions.
    • Session - periods of instruction within an academic term.

      Regular Academic Session - classes that begin at the start of the term and end at the completion of the term. This is a full 16-week course in the Fall/Spring or a full 12-week course offering in the Summer.

      Nonstandard - any other class (intersession, short courses, etc.). These are course(s) that do ot start and end in the regular 16-week (Fall/Spring) or 12-week (Summer) terms.
    • Mode of Instruction - There are 4 Instructional Modes at K-State. Visit the Instructional Mode webpage to view the definitions. 
    • K-State 8 - visit the General Education: K-State 8 webpage on the Course Catalog website.
    • Location:
      • Global Campus = Manhattan Online
      • ​​Manhattan = Manhattan On-Campus
      • Olathe = Olathe On-Campus
      • Olathe = Olathe Online
      • Salina = Salina On-Campus
      • Salina = Salina Online
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Click the section link to view details about a specific section.
  5. Click View Search Results to search for another section within that course or click Select Class to add the course and section to your course Shopping Cart window.



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