Student Incomplete process for Canvas and KSIS

The process to handle access to Canvas for student(s) with an incomplete is as follows:

The Instructor's tasks:

  1. The Instructor sets a student or students grades to Incomplete in KSIS. 
  2. Instructors must adjust any due dates for the uncompleted work, re-publish information in the course, or make other changes while working with the incomplete students within the past semester's course.

Automated Canvas and KSIS tasks:

  1. A new section called "(Course section name)_INC" (example: SIS ID: 221218739_INC) is created in the same Canvas course of their original enrollment, with the access dates set from the semester's grade reporting deadline to an end date set to either end of May (for Fall courses) or end of December (for Spring/Summer courses).
  2. The students marked as Incomplete in KSIS will be added to this section.​​​​​​​ This section provides the student access to continue their existing work with existing materials. 
    1. The instructors do not need any additional access as the teacher role in Canvas is configured to have +1 semester course access, so a teacher will have access to a Spring course until end of Fall of the same semester.
    2. The section is created approximately 2 weeks after the semester's grade reporting deadline. This allows time for communication and process by the instructor, student, and academic unit.

If there are any questions or if you need differing accommodations for student incompletes, please contact the IT Service Desk for support.

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