Email distribution groups


Distribution Groups and Email


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests


Email messages sent to a distribution group are distributed (or forwarded) to group members. Advantages of a distribution group include:

  • Members can include non-K-State email addresses
  • Only the contact person can add/remove members; members cannot add themselves
  • Manage the group in eProfile using your K-State eID and password
  • It can act like an alias; messages sent to the group can be forwarded to another email address.

After your request is approved, an email can be sent to your group, you can add or remove additional members and set up email forwarding.

If your group needs additional capabilities, such as limiting attachments, saving archives, and restricting replies, you should instead submit a request for a LISTSERV mailing list.

Request a distribution group.


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