Using an Existing Filter or Group in the KSU Advisor Center


Advisors using the KSU Advisor Center can use an existing filter or group by following this guide:

Filters and groups are ways to modify the display of your advisees list.

  • Filters dynamically select advisees based on criteria. The advisees meeting that criteria are displayed when a filter is run.
  • Groups are static lists of advisees, only advisees added as members of the group are displayed.

Advisors can use a Filter or Group to focus on a smaller group of advisees that meet specific advising needs.


  • Advisors


  • KSIS


  1. Log in to KSIS with your eID and password at 
  2. Select the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. The My Advisees list is displayed.

    Picture of the All Advisees List is displayed
  4. Click the drop-down for *Filters & Groups above the grid containing the advisees.
    • System filters are in all caps and have a prefix of an asterisk (*).
    • Filters have a prefix of F.
    • Groups have a prefix of G.
    • Filters and Groups are alphabetized within their type.

      Picture of Filters and Groups menu
  5. Select the name of the desired Filter or Group from the drop-down menu.
  6. The Filter or Group runs and displays the appropriate advisees.
    • All advisees are automatically selected.
    • The title of the My Advisee list changes to the name of the Filter or Group selected.



  • Filters and Groups work on the list of advisees displayed in your My Advisees grid.
    • This consists of advisees assigned to you, you have added, or that are delegated to you.
    • When an advisee no longer meets the Filter criteria they do not appear in the Filter or Group results.
  • It is possible to select criteria that no advisee matches.
    • This results in an empty My Advisees list.
    • Select another filter or group to redisplay advisees.
    • The ALL filter displays all your advisees.
  • Systems filters are predefined and are:
    • *-ADDED - all advisees that have been manually added to your advisee list.
    • *-ALL - all advisees in your advisee list.
    • *-ASSIGNED - all advisees formally assigned to you.
    • *-SELECTED - all advisees currently selected in the advisee list.
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