Scheduling DARS Audits in the KSU Advisor Center

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Advisors using the KSU advisor center can schedule DARS audits for future using the steps below:

Scheduling DARS audits is a Bulk Operation. It allows advisors to schedule DARS audits for multiple advisees at the same time. Audits are queued to start at 5AM on the Pickup Date specified. Audits are available on the specified Pickup Date to ensure the most up to date information is provided.

Audits are in PDF format and appear either in a new window or tab. To view audits, disable your browser pop-up blocker. Refer to How to disable web browser pop-up blockers for step by step directions.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • KSIS


  1. Log in to KSIS with your K-State eID and password.
  2. Click the KSU Advisor Center tile.
  3. The My Advisees list is displayed.

    Picture of All Advisees list in the KSU Advisor Center
  4. Select the desired students from the All Advisees list.
  5. Click DARS in the Bulk operations area at the top of the screen.

    Picture of the DARS button in Bulk operations
  6. On the DARS Audits screen, adjust the options as needed:
    • Select the report type, either HTML or PDF (HTML is planned as a future enhancement, PDF is the only option currently available)
    • Select the Plan Report Options for the selected advisees
      • All Active Plans - runs selected reports for all of the advisees active plans
      • My College Plans - runs selected reports for all of the advisees plans for your college
      • Primary Plans - runs selected reports for all of the advisees primary plans
    • Select Report Options as desired and check the type of reports you wish to run.
    • Select Explore New Program options as desired. Use the magnifying glasses to look up values for Acad Career and Academic Program.
    • Update the Job Description field as desired.
    • Adjust the Pickup Date as desired. Audits are queued to start at 5AM on the date indicated.
  7. Finalize your list of advisees by deselecting or selecting advisees.
  8. Select Submit to queue the audits for processing.
  9. Previously queued & new audits are displayed at the bottom of the screen:

    Picture of Queued Degree Audit Reports
    • The Status column indicates whether the queued audits are processed.
    • To cancel a queued job, select the desired job and click Cancel Selected Jobs.
    • Select View Detail to see the list of audits for all the advisees submitted in that job.
  10. If the report has been run, select View Report to view the audit for a specific advisee.

    Picture of DARS View Reports
  11. The DARS Audit Report is displayed in a new browser window or tab depending on the browser

    Note: If a new tab or window does not appear, make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled and try again.
  12. If the audits have not been run, a list of reports to be run for each advisee is displayed.
  13. When finished, select Return to DARS to return to the DARS Audits screen.

    Picture of DARS View Queued Reports with Return to DARS highlighted
  14. When finished in the DARS Reports area, select Return to Advisees to go back to the advisee list screen.




  • DARS audits are automatically run each week for all active students.
  • Only select the options you need, don't run reports unnecessarily.
  • Cancel queued audits before they run if you determine they are not needed.
  • Queued audits are visible for 7 days.


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