Override a student's final grade


How to override a student's final grade in Canvas and then use that overriden grade in KSIS.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Canvas


Faculty and staff could use the steps below to override a student's final grade in Canvas.

 In order for the overridden grade to copy to KSIS for official record keeping this must be done before copying grades to KSIS and the Use final override grade when available must be checked when confirming grade copy.

  1.  Go to the course you wish to override a student's final grade, and click Settings.

  2.  Click the Feature Options tab at the top, then enable Final Grade Override.

  3.  Click Grades on the left navigation bar, then click on the Gear near the top right of the gradebook

  4.  In Gradebook Settings, click Advanced, check the box to the left of Allow final grade override, click Apply Settings on the bottom right.
  5.  An Override column now appears in the gradebook to the right of Total. You can enter letter grades there to override existing letter grades.

    When copying grades to KSIS, check the Use final override grade when available box if you wish to use override grades.

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