Viewing a folder that has been shared with you in Outlook on the web


This article will provide instructions on how to view a folder that someone else has shared with you in the Outlook Web App interface. 


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests


  • Outlook Web Mail


  1. Log into your webmail at
  2. Right-click on the Folders option on the left side.

  3. Click Add shared folder...
  4. Type the email address of the shared the folder with you.
  5. Click Add. The name of the person that shared the folder with you should now be visible at the bottom of your folder list pane.
  6. Click the arrow icon to the right of the name of the person the shared folder is coming from to see what they have shared to you.


If the shared folder is several layers deep within the original folder structure from the person who is doing the sharing, you will need to continue clicking the arrow icons next to the folder names for each layer until you arrive at the folder you have rights to. You will know you are at the shared folder once you reach a folder that does not have the arrow icon next to it. Clicking that final folder will display the messages of that folder

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