Outlook Web App: Not Receiving Messages



Below are steps to fix the issue of not receiving messages in the Outlook web app


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Guests


There are a few options to check to make sure the messages are not being processed a different way.

  • Forwarding email - If messages are being forwarded and Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App is not checked, the messages will not arrive in the Kansas State University email account.
  • Inbox Rules - If an inbox rule is set incorrectly, it can filter all messages instead of just the intended messages. Check all inbox rules to make sure that they are filtering just the intended messages.
  • Client - If a secondary client using POP, IMAP, or Exchange settings are set up to view email, there are settings to either not keep copies of emails that are downloaded on the server or to remove them from the server after so many days. Double-check the account settings and make sure these options are not set up.



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