Purchasing Athletic Tickets in KSIS


Students can order Athletic Tickets in KSIS using the steps below:


  • Students


  • KSIS


Order Athletic Tickets

  1. Log into KSIS with your eID and password.
  2. From the Student Homepage click the Marketplace tile.
  3. In the KSIS Marketplace, click Athletic Tickets.

    Picture of KSIS Marketplace with Athletic Tickets button highlighted
  4. Review the purchase guidelines. Click I Agree.

    This takes you to the kstatesports.com site to order your tickets.

    Picture of the Athletic Ticket Purchase page with I Agree button highlighted
  5. Review the Student Passes page. Select either Returning Purchaser or First-Time Purchaser
    • First-Time Purchasers need to Activate their WID to create an account and purchase tickets.
    • Returning Purchasers log in to their existing account to order tickets. 
  6. Once you are signed in, select Buy Tickets on the right menu. Follow the steps to select and purchase the desired tickets.

    Note: For further assistance with purchasing athletic tickets, contact the K-State Athletics ticket office at:


For Athletic ticket FAQs, visit K-State Sports


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