ShareFile and RightSignature


The ShareFile and RightSignature software license bundle is available through the Division of Information Technology for K-State faculty and staff. The central IT-supported secure file upload and e-signature tools are bundled together into one license. Either portion of the software bundle can be used independently of the other.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • ShareFile is a highly secure, cloud-based file storage, file synchronization, and file-sharing platform that can store and send encrypted files.
    • Host stand-alone, secure document upload forms.
    • Upload documents - the form submission automatically places the uploaded document within a permission-based ShareFile cloud storage location.
    • Enable notifications to alert you of new or changed documents in the secure folders.
  • RightSignature provides you with the ability to securely send documents for electronic signatures.
  • RightSignature does not offer a complex workflow solution.
    • Create or upload documents that need an electronic signature.
    • Designate who can sign a document, in any order.
    • Generate reports automatically.
    • Download files. 


  • The license year begins September 20 and runs through September 19. Costs for purchases made during the year are pro-rated monthly.
  • ShareFile + RightSignature cost is $250/year


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