Requesting a ShareFile and RightSignature license


Details how to obtain a ShareFile and/or RightSignature software license.


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • To request a license, submit a Request Software and Application Distribution Request form specifying RightSignature.
  • An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the completed request form. Within seven days of receipt of payment (KSU Interfund Voucher or KSU Foundation check), you will receive an email notifying you that ShareFile + RightSignature is available.
  • In early September, the Division of Information Technology will send current ShareFile + RightSignature licensees a renewal invoice. License privileges are automatically revoked for non-renewed licenses.
  • ShareFile + RightSignature licenses can be reassigned to a different user through the remainder of the contract year. Use the Software License Request form to request a named license be reassigned.
  • No refunds are granted for the remainder of the contract year for requests to remove users. Use the Software License Request to request the deletion of a user.


ShareFile and RightSignature are bundled together into one license.


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