Requesting a Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) license


 Details how to obtain a SAS license for K-State departments, faculty, staff, and students.


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Microsoft Windows only


Check the list of supported operating systems.

  1. Open the Request Software and Application Distribution form.
  2. In the Which software do you need to add/change/remove a license list, select Statistical Analysis Software (SAS).
  3. In the What do you need to do?​​​​​​​ list, select License a new named individual.
  4. Fill out the rest of the details of the request. 
  5. Click Request.


  • An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the completed request form.
  • Within seven days of receipt of payment (KSU Interfund Voucher or KSU Foundation check), you will receive an email with instructions to access the software.
  • K-State renews the SAS site license annually. Each year, the Division of Information Technology will send current departments a renewal invoice in August. Upon receipt of the payment, the licensee will be sent a license-extension password. The important dates are as follows: 
    Date Explanation
    July 31 Expiration date for the agreement between K-State and the SAS Institute.
    Sept. 1 Expiration date for agreements between K-State and students, faculty, staff who have licensed SAS.
    Sept. 30 Date that the software starts warning if expired. SAS programs continue to run normally, but they will produce a warning message.
    Oct. 29 SAS stops running unless the renewal invoice has been paid.


  • A current, valid K-State eID is required.
  • Students may access SAS at no charge through the university computing labs and K-State InfoCommons or lease SAS with departmental approval and payment directly through their department business office.
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