How to Run an Audit under another Program


This article will show you the steps to take to run an audit under another program. This is also referred to as running a "what-if" audit.



  • Students
  • Advisors



  • uAchieve Self Service



  1. Log into uAchieve Self Service. 
  2. If you are an advisor or staff member, search for your student.
    1. Click the Students icon.

    2. Search for your student using their emplID, WID, or first/last name. Click Search.

    3. Click the Select icon next to the student you want.

  3. From the student homepage, click Select a Different Program:.

  4. Select a program from the drop down list.
    Note: If you want to run a Transfer Course Analysis, click the Transfer Course Analysis - -ADM-TRANS program.
    Note: The following links layout the KSIS to DARS program code flow. Find your KSIS plan/subplan code and reference the associated DARS program code to help you select the correct program.

         KSIS Majors (Excel)
         KSIS Minors (Excel)
         KSIS Certificates (Excel)

  5. Select the term you would like to run your program under.

  6. Click Run Program.
    Note: You will notice an option to add a "2nd major" and "minor". In the future, you will be able to run majors and minors in the same audit. At this time, you have to run your what-if audits one by one.





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