Requesting a Grade Change in KSIS


How to request a grade change in KSIS.



Instructors can use the Request Grade Change process in KSIS to update or change a grade.  The grade change option is available in the KSIS roster at 8 a.m. the day AFTER grades have been posted for the semester.  Grades can be changed for up to five years after the original grade posting.

Note: Currently grade rosters only go back to 2008 when K-State implemented KSIS for student grades.

Any grade change not accommodated by the online method in KSIS is done by submitting a Grade Change Memorandum to the Registrar's Office if one of the following conditions are met.

  • The instructor is no longer employed with KSU and cannot make the changes in KSIS
  • The course was taken prior to Fall 2008 and grade roster not available in KSIS
  • The student has graduated
  • The student did not appear on the grade roster
  • If the grade is a W or XF


  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • KSIS


  1. Sign in to KSIS with your eID and password.
  2. From the KSIS Faculty Homepage, click Faculty Center.
  3. Click the change term button.

    Picture of the Change Term button

  4. Select the term in which the class was taught and click the Continue button.

    PIcture of the Select Term screen with Fall 2011 selected

  5. Click the Grade Roster icon for the desired class.

    PIcture of the Grade Roster icon with a green check on it

  6. Click the Request Grade Change link.

    Picture of the Grade Roster Action area with Request Grade Change highlighted

  7. Change the grade for the desired student.  Students who have graduated from K-State will not have a drop-down available.

    Picture of the grade dropdown in the Request Grade Change area

    Note: If a student has a grade of "F" you must select a participation value and saved it for all students with an "F". You cannot save a grade change without this selected.

  8. Click Submit at the bottom of the roster list.

    Picture of the Submit button

  9. The word 'Success' appears on the far right of the grade that has been changed.

    Picture of a successful Grade Change Request with Success highlighted at the right

Note: Grade changes are instantaneous. After the grade change is made in KSIS, an email is sent to the student and instructor to confirm the grade change.  The Dean's Office periodically reviews reports of grade changes.



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