KSIS: Order Transcripts to Hold for Pick up for a Current Student


Current students can order transcripts to hold for pickup.


  • Students


  • KSIS


  1. Log into KSIS with your eID and password. 
  2. Click the Other Academics tile on the KSIS Student Homepage.


  1. On the left, click Order a Transcript/Diploma.

  2. Click Click Here to Order Your Document(s) on the Document landing page in KSIS (shown below).

    Note: This will take you to the Parchment website to complete the transcript order.  If the transcript ordering window does not appear, you may have a pop-up blocker enabled.  Click HERE for steps on disabling common pop-up blockers.
  3. Select Transcript as your document type.

  4. Click the blue link under the search box to View all Ordering Options where you can Send to Yourself, Another Individual or Third Party.

  5. From the Product Type list, select Paper Transcript Hold for Pick-Up (Current Students).

  6. Review the ordering details and ordering notes.

  7. For Pick-Up delivery you must:
    1. Select Degree Type
    2. Enter Recipient Name (if someone else is picking up your transcript enter their name in Special Instructions)
    3. Select Purpose for Request
    4. Enter Quantity

      Then click Continue. 

  8. Review your shopping cart contents. Click Checkout if the contents in your cart are correct.

    Note: If contents in your cart are NOT correct, click Remove. Then click Update Shopping Cart. To add additional items, click Continue Shopping.

  9. Click Next to give consent to release your record. 

  10. Click Confirm to confirm your order.

  11. An order confirmation appears.  Click Log Off.



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