Subscribing to shared accounts in Outlook for Windows


To get a Shared Account folder to be visible in Outlook, use the following steps: 



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Shared Accounts in O365



  1. Open Outlook. 


  1. Click the File tab in the Toolbar. 
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  1. Click the Account Settings button. 

  1. Click the Account Settings option in the dropdown menu. 

  1. Click your mailbox to highlight it, then click the Change button. 

  1. Click More Settings. 

  1. Select Advanced. 

  1. Click Add. 

  1. Type the Shared Account's email address and then click Ok. 

  1. Click Apply, then click OK. 

  1. Click Next. 

  1. Click Done, then restart the Outlook app. 




Once these steps have been performed, the Shared account may take up to 24 hours to appear in the folder list. The Shared account may not appear in alphabetical order once the folder has been added. It may be necessary to scroll to the bottom of the folder list to see the newly subscribed Shared account. Alphabetical order should be set once the customer has closed and restarted Outlook. 

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