Office 365 Basic Authentication to be disabled Oct. 31


Microsoft is phasing out Basic Authentication for the higher security standards of Modern Authentication.


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Microsoft is phasing out Basic Authentication for the higher security standards of Modern Authentication known as Oauth. The Modern Authentication protocols provide users with more secure access to Microsoft’s systems, including K-State email. When Microsoft’s mandated Basic Authentication disablement occurs, any email application that uses Basic Authentication will no longer work properly. Therefore, if you are using Basic Authentication, you must update your authentication to send and receive your email. For more information from Microsoft on this change, please review the relevant Microsoft Blog.

What do I need to do?

If you are using the latest version of Outlook on the web, desktop, or mobile, you do not need to do anything because you already use Modern Authentication.

Be aware that older devices (tablet, desktop, phone) may be using a client that is using Basic Authentication.  

Modern Authentication (Oauth) is supported in the following:

  • All up-to-date Outlook versions on any platform.
  • Current hardware/software versions of Apple devices (iOS 11 or later, iPad 13.1 or later, and macOS 10.14 or later) support Modern Authentication natively in the built-in email app (Mail).
  • Current hardware/software versions of Android devices running the Gmail app support Modern Authentication.
  • Modern authentication is also known as Oauth.

How do I know if I’m using Modern Authentication?

The BEST options are to use the Outlook client or the Outlook Web Application (OWA) through a web browser. Use the Outlook Web App for iPhonesiPads, and Android for your mobile devices.

If you are using older mobile email clients or protocols like POP3, IMAP, and Exchange Active Sync, you might be using Basic Authentication, and your email will not work correctly after Oct. 31.

In the table below, the Yes correlates to email clients using Modern Authentication.

  Windows macOS iOS Android
Outlook Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Outlook Web App Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Mail N/A Yes Yes N/A
Windows Mail Yes N/A N/A No
Gmail No No No Yes*

* Gmail app or Android Version 8.0 or later

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