Buying a tablet for college


With the ever changing selection of tablets it is difficult to provide a recommendation on exact tablets that would work best. Here is a brief, but not all encompassing, list of tablets that should work with the university's systems.


  • Students


Operating system

  • iOS 15 or newer
  • Android 12.0 (SnowCone) or newer



  • All iPads that are compatible with current iOS. You can find a list of all iOS devices on


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or better


  • Support for Office 365 applications
  • Calendar that is time zone aware (helpful when scheduling meetings in other time zones)

Storage Space

  • Minimum of 32GB, preferably 64GB or greater


  • Built-in camera and microphone (included in most tablets)

Other recommendations

  • Add AppleCare+ for iPads or other accidental damage protection if available for your tablet.
  • Netbooks and tablet computing devices may not have the computing power of a normal laptop or desktop computer. Some tablets may have limitations in viewing materials or videos from classes, for this reason they are not recommended for use as a primary computer at K-State. Please refer to the buying a computer for college recommendations.
  • Ensure you have everything needed to connect and use your systems, including power cables, USB cables, and Ethernet cables.
  • Download the Microsoft Outlook app to have access to more of the features included with Microsoft 365 email and calendars.


Estimated price range

  • $330 - $930


Some manufactures are making tablet computers. These devices may not meet recommended specifications for computers. Please refer to the buying a computer for college recommendations.


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