Survey Flow in Qualtrics


You can find information about the Survey Flow and its various functions inside Qualtrics below:



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View Questions in Survey Flow

It is now easier to know which blocks you are arranging in the survey flow. Click "Questions," next to the block name in the survey flow, to view the list of questions in that block.

  1. Click the three dots on the survey you wish to look at.

  2. Go to Edit Survey.

  3. Go to Survey Flow.

  4. Click Questions next to the block name.



"From Name" on Email Triggers 

You can customize your "From Name" when sending a triggered email to a respondent. Adding your name can make triggered emails more personal and ultimately increase engagement.

  1. Go to Edit Survey.

  2. Select Survey Options.

  3. Select Post-Survey.

  4. Under Manage email triggers, select Edit triggers.

  5. Specify your From Name.


Reminder and Thank you Test Emails

Before sending a reminder or thank you email to a large group, send a test version to yourself.

  1. Click the three dots on the survey you wish to look at.

  2. Go to Distribute Survey.

  3. Click Distribute Survey.

  4. Click Compose Email.

  5. Edit the email message and then select Send Preview Email.

  6. Insert your email address and click Send.




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