TeamDynamix Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can more than one file be attached when submitting a ticket?

A: To upload multiple files to a ticket, the files must all be located in the same directory.  You can hold CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple files and attach them to the ticket.  Selecting "browse" a second time will replace any file(s) already attached to the ticket.

Q: How is the priority of a ticket determined?

A: The priority of a ticket is determined based on the urgency and impact.  The urgency is based on the importance of the ticket and how quickly it needs to be resolved. Available values for urgency are low, standard and high.  Standard is the default value for urgency.  The impact is how many people are affected by the issue being reported. Available values for impact include affects user, affects department/unit, affects division/college, affects university, and affects class/clinic delivery.  The priority matrix is a global setting for all tickets that sets the priority based on the responses to both urgency and impact. The priority can be edited by a technician after the ticket is submitted.

The default priorities based on responses to the impact and urgency.

Q: Where is the general IT request form?

A: The process owners of the ITSM modules have decided that a general IT request form will not be available.  Tickets should be submitted from the correct service page within the service catalog.  Functional users and IT staff can use the search feature with in the TeamDynamix client portal or browse the service catalog to locate the correct service and submit their tickets.  The newly designed Division of Information Technology website will also help users find the correct service to submit their tickets.

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