Adding owners to a LISTSERV


Adding Owners to a LISTSERV.


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To add or manage owners of a LISTSERV list, use the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Listserv web interface -
  2. Click Log In to log into the LISTSERV interface with your K-State email address and password.

    Note: If you have not accessed the LISTSERV interface before, you may have to create an account.
  3. Under List Management, click List Configuration.

    Note: You may need to click the arrow next to Kansas State University to open the menu.

  4. Select the desired list from the Select List drop-down.

  5. Select the Administrators button.

  6. Edit the "Owner=" area for an owner who receives notifications for changes to the list or the "Quiet:" area if you update Quiet owners who can make changes to the list but do not get notifications.

    Note: Please note the format to enter an Owner. The email address should be followed by the parenthesis name: (Willie Wildcat).

  7. When you are done editing the owners, click.


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