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I am using Office 365 to initiate a Remote Wipe of Mobile Devices.



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Office 365 has a feature that will wipe data on a mobile device and reset it to its original factory settings in case your mobile device is lost or stolen.  This feature is available to anyone who connects their mobile device to Office 365 using the ActiveSync option.  When activated, all data on the device is deleted, including email, calendar, contacts, apps, music, photos, application data, etc.  Many mobile device operating systems will also wipe data from any storage card inserted in the mobile device.

Mobile devices that can be wiped using this feature include Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, and other devices that can connect to Office 365 using ActiveSync.

Initiating a device wipe

Note: We recommend keeping regular backups of your mobile device data.  Once you have initiated a wipe, you cannot cancel it, and all data will be deleted.


          1.  Open your browser to and log in using your address and eID password.

          2.  Click the settings button.


          3.  Click the View all Outlook settings.


          4.  Click General, then Mobile Devices.


        Note: If you have only one device, it will already be selected.

          5.  Click Wipe all data from the options that will appear when hovering your pointer over the desired device.

          6.  Click Save on the confirmation box.

Information Technology Services Practices Regarding Remote Wipe

Information Technology Services will never initiate the remote wipe feature available with ActiveSync for mobile devices unless a university policy violation requires securing FERPA, HIPAA, or other sensitive information.  The appropriate administrator will make the need for such action with advice from University Legal Counsel.  Final approval will be by the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  The CIO will report any remote wipe case to the Faculty Senate in the annual security report.



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